February 2019

Thursday, 14th February

WENDY JELBERT (Course Reference: 14/02/19/WJ) £75

Creating Finished Paintings from Photographs
We will study how to capture the world around us, using photographs in a new and selective way. I will show you how to create successful paintings from the vital information you need when using your camera. A good mixture of sketches and photos will provide all the inspiration for successful pictures. How many times have we all returned from an outing or holiday full of enthusiasm about all the paintings we are going to do from our dozens of photos...only to find them all too confusing or busy and you are wondering why you took them in the first place?! Help is at hand . . . there will be demonstrations and answers at every stage.

Friday, 15th February

PAUL ROBINSON (Course Reference: 15/02/19/PR) £75

Exploring Pen, Line and Wash
Studying the combination of penwork, both waterproof and water soluable, and watercolour washes. The exciting alternatives of using either drawing or painting techniques in one picture. Essential for your future sketches and sketchbooks including buildings, landscapes and figures.