July 2018

Tuesday, 3rd July

PAUL WEAVER (Course Reference: 03/07/18/PW) £125

Sketching techniques in Line & Wash

Lightweight and portable, line and wash is ideal for making a quick sketch or developing more resolved work back in the studio. Drawing with sharpened sticks, pens, cardboard and brushes in combination with loose, watercolour washes, Paul will demonstrate how to create lively, expressive work with this versatile medium. Suitable for all levels.

Monday, 16th July

LIZ DOTESIO (Course Reference: 16/07/18/LD) £125

Landscape in Oils with special attention to colour mixing

Landscape in oils with special attention to colour mixing. Landscape in this country in July is suffused with green. We will begin the day with a short demonstration on how to tackle 'All those greens'.

Colour mixing and tonal values will be explored along with certain relevant rules of composition. Foregrounds will be tackled. A challenging day but I hope a rewarding day in paint.

Friday, 20th July

PAUL ROBINSON (Course Reference: 20/07/18/PR) £125

Buildings in the landscape using Pen, Line and Wash

This is a challenging and fun course designed to assist you with the correct way to draw buildings with an explanation of perspective and placing them into their surroundings. We will be studying assorted parts of a building and how they can fit into a painting, including roofs, chimneys, windows, doors and steps. There will be a section on how to introduce shading and light into your assorted ink drawings, and the 'rules' and methods on how to achieve a realistic result!

Saturday, 21st July

WENDY JELBERT (Course Reference: 21/07/18/WJ) £125

Keeping a Sketchbook Journal using the garden as inspiration.

Whatever kind of artist you are... a professional, a serious amateur, a weekend artist, or a beginner- a few crucial lines, some written notes, and perhaps a photograph, will help to capture a fleeting moment of time that sparks your interest. You never know when these moments are going to occur, so you must be ready. Personally, I never leave home without a small sketchbook and pencil in my bag. I might forget my keys, but not my sketchbook! We will study how to keep things simple, using sketching and watercolours projects. A very valuable day ahead.