July 2019


ANN SWAN {Course Reference 02/07/17 AS } £190

Improvers In Botanicals

Immerse yourself for two days with Ann and learn a variety of techniques to help you make the colours leap off the page and to amaze with fine detail. How important is planning. When and in what order do you underpants, blend, use resist or emboss?

Ann will show you and demonstrate some of her many tricks and tips for creating realistic textures for bloom, velvety petals, strong highlights, surface patterns, hairy stems and furry leads etc. Using some of her colour mixing templates you will learn how to mix clean colours with convincing shadows and how to plan your approach to your work to avoid accidents. 

This workshop is for having a go and try out all these techniques which when mastered will add depth, realism, and interest to your finished pencil work and certainly help you attract an audience to our pictures. You will leave with a page or two of studies, some colour templates and lots of notes plus the start of a finished project which you will be able to complete at home with the knowledge you have acquired

Saturday, 6th July

PAUL WEAVER (Course Reference: 06/07/19/PW) £75

Dramatic Skies in Watercolour

The sky is the primary source of light in the landscape, setting the atmosphere for the entire painting. With many moods to consider, this course will focus on creating the dramatic effects of sun busts and backlit clouds, billowing cumulous, threatening rain storms and vibrant sunsets.

Monday, 15th July

LIZ DOTESIO (Course Reference: 15/07/19/LD) £75

Skies, Trees and Water in Soft Pastels

Soft pastels lend themselves easily to these subjects. Their natural bloom is perfect for describing the same in nature. The day will begin with a demonstration of the pastel techniques use in soft pastel for portraying skies and trees. Then we will try out the magical way of portraying water in this medium. With Step by step guidance throughout the day, I know you will be thrilled at the results you will achieve by tea time! This course is suitable for all abilities as students are encouraged to work at their own level with individual guidance from Liz.

Thursday, 18th July

WENDY JELBERT (Course Reference: 18/07/19/WJ) £75

Lively and Loose Watercolours.

How to free up without losing control. The ideal course to simplify and learn techniques that give confidence on what to leave out! Understanding your materials strengths and limitations. Exploiting everything possible to add that essentzial zip and freedom into your future work. Demonstrations and discussions at every stage.