June 2019

Monday, 10th June

LIZ DOTESIO (Course Reference: 10/06/19/LD) £75

Turning your Photograph or Sketch into a Finished Painting in any Medium 

 This course will show you where to begin, and what to leave out when working from a photo or sketch. Demonstrating some simple techniques Liz will show you how to use your reference material as a spring board for your painting. Various colour mixes and compositions will be explored to create mood, space and perspective in your work. This course is suitable for all levels because of the individual guidance Liz gives. 



CATHERINE BEALE {Course Reference 26/06/19 CB} \£75

Fast and Loose Watercolours , Where The Town Meets The Countryside 

This course makes the most of the unique quality of Bath's regency suburbs of town houses which stud the fields of Bathwick amd Widcombe, helping to create the city's world heritage site satus. Catherine will ease you into the day with demonstrations of the full range of the ways to use watercolour- from juicy, intense paint squeezed straight from the tube to veiled washes. Next you will consider compostion and plan your painting with her help, gathering views of the iconic macaulay buildings across the valley from Bathwick Hill House onto your own ipad/ electronic tablets or sketches. Catherine will help you work them up into a full painting and close with ways you can adjust and review your masterpiece!