May 2018

Monday, 14th May

LIZ DOTESIO (Course Reference: 14/05/18/LD) £125

Trees, water and flowers in Soft Pastel

I always feel that soft pastels were made especially for the purpose of painting flowers and trees. The bloom of the dry pigment lends itself easily to the natural bloom we find in nature. There will be a short demonstration on the various methods used to depict trees and flowers along with the magical technique for portraying water.Throughout the day there will be discussions on the use and importance of colour and tone in nature and everyone will be encouraged in their individual styles and aspirations.

Wednesday, 16th May

 WENDY JELBERT (Course Reference: 16/05/18/WJ) £125

Gardens in Pastels and Watercolours

We will use Beautiful Bathwick Hill House gardens for inspiration. We will study how to capture those important features such as fountains, pots, steps, and pathways in inventive and simple ways using a combination of pastels and watercolours. There will be emphasis on the importance of everyday textures and colours of grasses, and varieties of foliage, flowers, and trees about us. We will explore the makeup, and colours needed for their vibrancy, and place them successfully into a delightful composition. A challenging and fun day!

Saturday – Sunday, 26th - 27th May (TWO DAYS)

PAUL WEAVER (Course Reference: 26/05/18/PW) £250

Populate your Watercolours

Adding figures to a scene can help create a sense of scale and movement in your work. Sketching and painting from the clothed figure on day 1 to explore form, proportion and watercolour techniques, Paul will offer guidance on day 2 for adding figures to a simple landscape scene. Experience in the basics useful.