November 2018

Wednesday, 7th November

PAUL WEAVER (Course Reference: 07/11/18/PW) £75

Autumn and Winter Landscapes in Watercolour

The seasons of autumn and winter provides a wonderful range of subjects for the landscape painter. Paul will cover his techniques for capturing trees, foliage, rivers and buildings, along with the effects of mist, low sunlight and shadows falling across snow. Experience in the basics useful.

Tuesday, 13th November

DAVID COBLEY (Course Reference: 27/11/18/DC) £75 

Still Life

Learn the principles of drawing and painting using fruit, vegetables, bottles and pots.

Thursday, 15th November

WENDY JELBERT (Course Reference: 15/11/18/WJ) £75 Adventures in Acrylics and Acrylic Inks, Techniques and Textures

Explore ranges of styles, brushstrokes, wet into wet, palette knife and experimenting with Acrylic Ink from basics and beyond. A fun, challenging and informative course for all abilities.