October 2018

Tuesday, 2nd October

DAVID COBLEY (Course Reference: 02/10/18/DC) £95  

The Essentials of Life Drawing 

David will start the day with some very quick poses to get everyone (including the model!) warmed up. The participants will then tackle a longer pose in their own way. From observing their efforts David will get an idea of any difficulties faced and what input is required to help everyone to improve. There will be a discussion about what the practice of life drawing hopes to achieve, and as the day progresses, there will be further poses and demonstrations from David to illustrate what life drawing is all about. 

Monday, 8th October

LIZ DOTESIO (Course Reference: 08/10/18/LD) £75

Atmospheric Soft Pastels, Autumn colours

Earth colours and misty atmospheres at this time of year are a perfect subject for Soft Pastels. We will explore their possibilities and I will begin by showing you ways of creating atmosphere and how easy it is to portray mists and distance in the landscape along with the sharp edges that jump out. Some people think soft pastels can't create sharp edges and thin lines ....well they can! For those who might be interested we could investigate how to achieve a more abstract painting. All abilities very welcome.

Thursday and Friday, 11th and 12th October 2018 - TWO DAY COURSE

 ANN SWAN (Course Reference: 11/10/18/AS) £150

Autumn Colours in Coloured Pencils

 fImmerse yourself for two days with Ann and learn a variety of techniques to help you make your colours leap off the page and to amaze with fine detail. How important is planning, when and in what order do you underpaint, blend, use resist or emboss? Using some of her colour mixing templates you will learn how to mix clean colours with convincing shadows and how to plan your approach to your work to avoid accidents. Ann will demonstrate some of her many tricks and tips for creating realistic textures for bloom, velvety petals, strong highlights, surface patterns, hairy stems and furry leaves etc. This workshop is for having a go and trying out all these techniques which when mastered will add depth, realism and interest to your finished colour pencil work and certainly help you attract an audience to your pictures. You will leave with a page or two of studies, some colour templates and lots of notes plus the start of a finished project which you will be able to complete at home with the knowledge you have acquired. LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE or at least done the ‘Taster Day’

Tuesday, 16th October

WENDY JELBERT (Course Reference: 16/10/18/WJ) £75

Wonderful Watercolour Pencils

The versatility and magic of this media is amazing. When used with imagination and inventive techniques, they can produce a wide range of exciting textures, patterns and effects, often unimagined by the everyday artist! When taken beyond conventional channels, you can exploit their free flowing colours by using them with sprays or brushes, rather than using them just as a drawing instrument. They may be used with water, grated into rich washes, used with masking fluid, and applied dry on top of dried pencil work as glazes, enriching both the colours and depth of your work. Both traditional and new ideas explored! A real adventurous day ahead!